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Phone: 720-886-8400
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The Cherry Creek School District mission is:

 To inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, to care.

At Indian Ridge, we work incredibly hard to fulfill this mission by providing every student with the most excellent education possible. Listed below are the different content areas taught by our staff, followed by our goals for what we expect students to learn. Indian Ridge is an exceptional school and community, where greatness is achieved.


Literacy (Reading & Writing):

Literacy at Indian Ridge means not only to read, write, speak, and listen but to use language to learn, think, and communicate effectively across all content areas.

  • Using reading strategies to gain comprehension
  • Variety of writing genres including: expository, narrative, informative, opinion, and persuasive


Word Study (Spelling):

Indian Ridge intentionally utilizes word study to develop better spellers through word consciousness among students.  Research shows the brain is a pattern detector and making connections is most helpful when processing information.  Indian Ridge implements word study across the grade levels so students develop a deep understanding of word consciousness throughout their elementary career.

  • Introduce word patterns
  • Practice through word sorts, games, activities
  • Integrate patterns into reading/writing
  • Assess through word sorts/writing pieces



Indian Ridge develops perseverance and mathematical reasoning through problem solving.  Students will utilize the life skills of critical thinking and their ability to construct a viable argument, combined with their math knowledge, to discover solutions to real world situations.

  • Number Sense, Properties, and Operations
  • Patterns, Functions, and Algebraic Functions
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
  • Shape, Dimension, and Geometric Relationship




Our goal with Science at Indian Ridge is to develop the inquisitive nature of students when dealing with the world around them.  Through a hands-on approach using scientific inquiry methods and investigation techniques, students will develop an understanding of how things work and why they happen.  Students will strive to become real-world critical thinkers, problem solvers, and inventors.

  • Mixtures & Solutions
  • The Scientific Method
  • Living Systems
  • Weather
  • Health and Drug Awareness


Social Studies & History:

We provide a strong foundation for students in geography, history, economics, and civics that prepares them to be globally aware citizens.

  • United States physical and political geography
  • United States history from the populating of Native American through the Civil War



Indian Ridge provides the opportunity for all students to experience the process of art making.  Art is not only a method of personal expression and communication, but serves to make the world a more beautiful place.  The skills an artist practices are not only transferable to every area of study but are also critical to successful problem solving skills and critical thinking processes.

  • Exposure to a variety of art materials and methods including paint, clay, printmaking, animation, sculpture, and multiple drawing media
  • Creation and editing of comprehensive Artist Statement
  • Student Choice projects require decision making and critical thinking



Our Music mission at Indian Ridge is to provide a musical education which develops the social, intellectual, emotional, cultural, and artistic well-being of all students.  Every child has musical talent.  When you learn about music you add on a new understanding of all of the subject areas, culture, and the fine arts.

  • Singing and movement to engage students with music
  • Reading and writing music notes and symbols
  • Creating music using a variety of rhythms and instruments



Physical Education:

We provide students with a basic foundation of motor and manipulative skills, and an understanding of the importance of physical fitness, and the opportunity to develop effective personal and social skills.

  • Movement Competence and Understanding
  • Physical and Personal Wellness
  • Emotional and Social Wellness
  • Prevention and Risk Management



Our STEM mission at Indian Ridge is for all students to engage in critical/creative thinking, collaborative problem solving, and career exploration in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Students learn about the world around them and participate in real-world problem solving, which is done through technology and creating and communicating innovative solutions.


Through thoughtful dialogue, reflection, and research Indian Ridge has made the effort to simplify and streamline building-wide homework expectations. We believe homework builds responsibility and academic endurance in our students, and is valuable in reviewing and practicing the skills and concepts learned in school. We also know, aside from valuable uninterrupted time as a family, there are appointments, practices, and the occasional unexpected event or emergency. We understand having the time to thoroughly and consistently complete homework can be challenging.   We feel our homework policy provides balances expectations respectful of the time and intensity required to complete work at home.  As well, parents can partner with their child's teacher for additional/supplemental homework if needed. 

Student' homework expectations are:

  • Read daily (outside of school hours) in which the amount of time is adjusted based off their grade level
  • Have Bridges math homework each week


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